A. Papers Acceptable for Filing. Documents filed in a case or proceeding shall be formatted to be 8-1/2 inches wide by 11 inches long. Documents shall not exceed 8 megabytes in size and shall contain printing in no less than 12 point font (including footnotes). Documents shall have margins of no less than one (1) inch, and electronically submitted orders must have a four (4) inch top margin. Documents shall be double spaced (unless the Document is only one (1) page) and drawn upon one side of the page only. Documents shall not include printing or images in color. The paper used must be white in color.

B. Oversized Attachments. Documents which were drafted for another purpose, but which are tendered for filing in a case or proceeding as attachments, exhibits, etc., should be enlarged or reduced to conform to the size requirement in subsection A. of this rule, unless reducing the size of the Document will render the Document unreadable. If reducing the Document renders it unreadable, the filer must request leave to file a document of non-conforming size. C. Title. The title of any Document filed must clearly identify each and every request for relief, objection or other response being made therein.

D. Attorney Signature Block. When a Document is signed by an attorney, the attorney’s full name, state bar number, address, email address, telephone number, facsimile number (if applicable), and name of party or parties represented shall be shown on the Document beneath the signature line.

E. Debtor’s Signature. When a Document is signed by a debtor, the debtor’s name shall be signed as it appears in the style of the case, and the signature block shall include the debtor’s address, telephone number, facsimile number (if applicable). Debtor’s Statement of Social Security Number must bear the original signature of the debtor.

F. Street Address. If a party, including without limitation a debtor, uses a post office box to receive mail, the party must include a physical address, as well as the post office box, on all documents filed with the Court.

G. Service Through the ECF System. When a Document is filed electronically in accordance with these Local Rules and the ECF Guide, the ECF System shall generate and email a Notice of Electronic Filing to the filing party and any other registered party who has requested electronic notice in that case or proceeding.

1. If the recipient is a registered user of the ECF System, the Clerk’s emailing of the Notice of Electronic Filing shall be the equivalent of service of the Document by first class mail, postage prepaid, except in the case of a summons and complaint or other Document that must be served pursuant to BankruptcyRule 7004. See also BankruptcyRule 9014(b).

2. Service by electronic means is not effective if the party making service learns that the attempted service was not electronically delivered to the person to be served

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