There is so much mis-information about bankruptcy and how it works, or does not work.  Know your options before making any decision to file or not to file bankruptcy or participate in a “debt workout scheme”.

Below is a YouTube video presented by John Oliver, who does a fairly decent job describing the challenges with filing bankruptcy, including the history of our current bankruptcy laws.

Please excuse the occasional foul language or crude comments.  The substance is worth the viewing.


Educate yourself and never assume that”cheap” really means cheap.  It means that you will pay later.  It may mean your cheap attorney treats you like a cash register.  They don’t take the time to educate you or fully inform you about the serious issues that are part of a path you are choosing to take (like filing bankruptcy).  You pay a fee to file the bankruptcy, then pay or lose triple that to get out of the problems your attorney “forgot” to tell you about (like using your tax refunds or your mother being sued because you paid her back just before filing the bankruptcy).  Why did they forget?  Because they can make triple the fees.  It is that simple. 

My point is that ‘cheap’ is never cheap.  Take time to investigate anyone you are hiring, whether a plumber, handyman or attorney.  Ask lots of questions about what you are obligated to do in the long run.

– Diane L. Drain

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