By L.J Brock, Chief People Officer

As part of our announcement on Thursday, we made the difficult decision to rescind the offers of a number of candidates who were set to join Coinbase.

While it’s necessary to slow our headcount growth in light of the macro environment, we deeply regret the impact this has for the affected candidates. This decision is not a reflection of our regard for their exceptional talent or the incredible contributions we believe they would have brought to our team.

We have an opportunity now to demonstrate our culture in how we respond next. We are committed to helping these exceptionally talented individuals in the next stage of their careers.

Introducing Coinbase Talent Hub

Coinbase Talent Hub is a talent directory which utilizes Coinbase’s reputation and extensive industry network, to connect individuals with their next great role. The hub is a publicly available webpage that companies, VCs and recruiters can access to tap into top talent who have been impacted by last week’s announcement. Our goal is to make this directory highly discoverable and ultimately create the greatest value and level of choice for every individual as they transition to new employment.

If you are hiring, visit Coinbase Talent Hub to:

  • Discover exceptionally talented individuals, and/or;
  • Post your open roles using this submission form.

My goal is that through Coinbase Talent Hub and the additional talent support we have made available, we are able to help ease everyone’s transition to their next role. There are already 250+ job postings listed from more than 50 companies, and we expect that to continue to grow given the interest and outreach we’ve already seen. We aim to help create a career-defining moment for these folks — just not the one we had originally intended to.


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